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Why Vodafone CobraTrak Vehicle Tracking?

Vodafone Automotive is unique amongst tracking companies for the scope of our European infrastructure, covering 40 European countries, Russia and South Africa.

With a network of National Service Providers (NSPs) and Secure Operating Centres (SOCs) who undertake Police liaison and vehicle recovery in local language on a customer’s behalf across Europe, Vodafone Automotive offers a seamless international infrastructure and unparalleled levels of service.

Key reasons to choose Vodafone CobraTrak

Police liaison and stolen vehicle recovery is conducted in local language on a customer’s behalf across 40 European countries, Russia and South Africa.

Starts the moment we receive an alert, enabling the Vodafone Automotive Secure Operating Centre to give the Police a head start on the thieves.

Vodafone Automotive’s Secure Operating Centre can track a stolen vehicle anywhere in the world where the Global System for Mobile phones (GSM) operates, (over 180 countries). Vodafone Automotive’s ‘Roaming’ SIM card automatically communicates with the ‘best-connected’ local GSM network.

Live tracking via an open line to the Police gives them the best opportunity to get the vehicle back undamaged and to catch the thieves as well. A minute by minute history of where the vehicle has been driven during the theft helps recover valuable contents.

All Vodafone CobraTrak systems come with the reassurance of a 3 year warranty.

Triggered when motion is detected with the engine switched off.

activated when the vehicle battery is disconneted or discharged, or the system wiring is cut

Vodafone CobraTrak products conform to the highest quality standards for stolen vehicle tracking systems, recognised by major insurers both in the UK and in mainland Europe who may offer customers a premium discount. Please see the section on Thatcham accreditation for more information.

All Vodafone CobraTrak units perform a regular self-diagnostic check – meaning that any issues in performance can be immediately addressed.

GPS tracking means the Vodafone Automotive Secure Operating Centre can follow the vehicle and liaise with any patrol car, giving the Police live tracking data, including speed and direction of travel.

Means that thieves simply cannot identify that a tracking system is present.

In many cases, when you change vehicle, we can simply re-install the system in the new vehicle and transfer the subscription – protecting your initial investment. A small administration charge applies for this service.

How Vehicle Tracking Works

Vodafone Automotive Stolen Vehicle Recovery services are enabled by constant communication between the GPS/GSM tracking system fitted covertly to a vehicle, and Vodafone Automotive’s server infrastructure. This provides pinpoint live tracking data regarding a vehicle’s position and movement, including speed and direction of travel.

Thanks to the integral roaming SIM card which automatically communicates with the best connected of more than 360 local GSM networks, the combination of GPS and quad band GPRS/GSM technologies enable the constant transmission of position data.

Vodafone CobraTrak systems provide 16 channel 158 dBm tracking and high sensitivity that extends positioning coverage to places where GPS tracking was previously not possible.

Vodafone CobraTrak – Technology that gives you peace of mind

Our systems are low battery drain devices and benefit from an internal battery back-up. They are lightweight, weighing less than 330g, compact, and are housed in robust, heavy duty casing.

Vodafone CobraTrak Stolen Vehicle Tracking systems are designed, manufactured and tested by a team of 90 engineers in Vodafone Automotive’s state of the art production facility at our Headquarters near to Milan.

They are rigorously tested to meet all OE automotive standards and Thatcham CAT6 (previously known as TQA) & CAT5 (UK), SCM TT03 (Holland), Incert CJ2 (Belgium) quality standards.

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