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Upgrade My Car Security System? Why? I’ve already got one…

Almost all new cars come with an immobiliser & alarm, but trackers are usually only preserved for really high end motors & even then they’re an optional extra. Last year good customer sent one of his car to us for window tints. After tinting his BMW 5-Series which he had just bought for several thousands of pounds from an approved main dealer, we recommended that he upgrade the car’s security by installing a tracking system or by fitting a separate immobiliser, because these types of luxury vehicle are being specifically targeted on a large scale.

His answer was one that we hear so many times when we mention security upgrades. “It’s an approved used car, & not the typical new vehicle Cat 1 are always working on! Nobody is interested in stealing my car!”

Unfortunately, a few months later these words came back to haunt him….

Cat 1 - BMW Car Keys Cloned & Car Stolen
As well as new vehicles, all second hand luxury vehicles, even those up to 10 years old are targeted because they are desirable to thieves and the criminal underworld. It’s easy money moving on a vehicle for parts, compared to selling a stolen Xbox or 60 inch TV down the pub for a few quid! Same risk, but way higher rewards.

Stolen cars are easily broken down and sold for parts, but are increasingly being cloned & used for resale, or as getaway vehicles in robberies and for other criminal activities. However, the most lucrative activity for car theft is when a car is sold abroad for a lot less than its forecourt value.

9 months later, we received a call from the owner of the BMW we tinted the previous year saying “I wished I listened to you”.

While playing cricket for his local team, someone had broken into the changing rooms, took his keys and stole his cherished BMW. Our client was very unlucky. His keys were locked in the changing room which he assumed was secure, but an opportunist thief either came knowing there would be a multitude of car keys in the changing rooms, or they came for wallets, phones & other valuables & just happened across his car keys in his clothes. Either way, there was a break in & his valuables & car was stolen.

Cat 1 - BMW Car Keys Cloned & Car Stolen

He was thinking safety first & had locked his sports bag with his driving license, wallet, and keys for his home and office in the car boot. But now the thieves had his car keys, they had access to his car & everything in it.

On top of losing his car, there was also the issue of informing the DVLA and getting a new licence. Informing the bank to cancel all credit and debit cards which can take up to 5 working days to replace. He also needed new locks fitted at home and work office, not to mention on the same bunch was the keys for his locked desk, which he had to break open.

Two weeks later, there was still no sign of his car. Our client was now at the mercy of his insurance company who offered him a settlement of less than 2/3’s of what his approved used car cost him less than 12 months previously! That was a shortfall of over £7000 from when he bought it. His car was never recovered & there was very little he could do other than to accept the derisory offer made to him.

Cat 1 - BMW Car Keys Cloned & Car Stolen

Vehicle manufacturers’ security systems cannot be solely relied upon to protect your pride & joy. Upgrading the security level of your vehicle’s security system will give you peace of mind that should someone capture, copy or replicate your car’s key code and gain access to your vehicle, an additional layer of security will kick in.

Cat 1 - BMW Car Keys Cloned & Car Stolen

If the worst was to happen, your alarm siren will sound as well as remotely immobilising your vehicle. Your alarm will activate the tracking system which will alert the monitoring station. They will then contact you whether at home or at work & in turn inform the police who will soon be in hot pursuit. It’s a simple enough process, for not a lot of money in comparison to losing your car, your belongings & having the hassle of replacing bank cards, licences & other personal identification effects.

Give us a call today and we can advise what’s best for you from tinted security film, to Bluetooth Alarms Immobilisers which can be operated from your smart phone. 0161 696 4047 / 07776 068 588


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