My insurance company are telling me to put an insurance approved tracking system on my car.. Why?

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My insurance company are telling me to put an insurance approved tracking system on my car.. Why?

My car comes with a CAT-1 alarm and immobiliser so why do I need additional security?

A car is likely to be the second highest purchase in your life behind your mortgage, so it is well worth the expense to protect it & your belongings inside it. Manufacturer’s security system have been in the headlines over the last few years. Vehicle manufacturers have been forced to come into line with the European Law stating that they must reveal the encrypted data connection codes to their security systems to third party developers and servicing centres.

This has unfortunately opened the door to thieves who exploited the encrypted OBD connection, data and gateway connectivity, which allowed them to reprogram new keys for the latest vehicles including Audi, BMW, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes and many more. Vehicles which use the keyless start function are particularly susceptible to theft.

The new age of digital theft is now here. ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’ is the title of the film that hit the big screen many years ago, but what was once Hollywood fiction has now become reality! Thieves can walk up to your front door with a transponder receiver whilst the second thief is stood next to your car. With keyless entry and start, thief 2 then receives the signal from thief 1, & then plays back the transponder codes to your car parked on the driveway or car park, & this allows the vehicle to unlock.

Once the thief jumps into the driver’s seat, this allows him to start your car and drive off. When the miscreant’s are clear, they’re then free to program a new key for your vehicle & your car is gone for good. Or is it?

Now a normal tracking system is only used to track the vehicle once it is stolen, as the owner has to notify the police and call the theft through to the monitoring station so that they can start tracking the stolen vehicle. But what happens if the vehicle is stolen at 4am when most people are asleep? The owner won’t realise the theft has occurred until they awake and are ready to leave for the working day, BUT the thieves will already have a 3 hour head start.

Organised car theft crews can strip a vehicle down in less than 2 hours, and if the car has a tracker installed, they can locate the unit in anything from 2 minutes to an hour no matter how well concealed.

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Why have CAT-5?

CAT-5 is an advanced tracking system that not only tracks your vehicle using the latest GPS technology, it also utilises A.D.R (Automatic Diver Recognition) card technology. With a CAT-5 system fitted, once the vehicle is started the covertly installed system looks for the ADR card to be present in the vehicle. If it detects that a coded ADR card is present, the system disarms itself until the vehicle is switched off then re-arms again after 60 seconds.

If a thief is able to digitally copy or replay your key code to your vehicle and start it and the ADR card (which is kept separate at all times from your car key), is not present, then this will alert the monitoring station that a theft has taken place. The owner will be immediately notified of the alert and if it is a theft, then the vehicle will be tracked whilst the authorities are notified.
On the instruction of the police, the monitoring station can remotely send a signal to the vehicle to not start again once it has stopped and the ignition has been turned off. This means the vehicle will be retrieved quickly and is less likely to be involved in a high speed pursuit which could probably lead to further vehicle damage & loss of life.

There is nothing more robust at protecting your vehicle than a CAT-1, CAT-5 tracker immobiliser. Having been integral to the development of this technology within our industry, we know best how to apply, set up & conceal a car tracker immobiliser so your car is less likely to be taken in the first instance.

Our development division are always testing & refining our CAT-5 alarms to ensure we keep several steps ahead of the growing gang of theft crews, who are increasingly targeting luxury cars for their valuable parts.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries, or have any specific questions relating to your car. If you are an installer, we welcome your calls as it’s in everyone’s interests to protect our luxury items.


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